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Methodological learning helps you toward score-maximization. 


In the XGMAT course and online classes, methodology and learning interact. We don't just tell you that certain choices are correct and that others are incorrect. This is a major shortcoming in so much of the GMAT test-preparation material currently available in the form of books and online GMAT courses. Our explanations are integrative: each GMAT-format question has not only an explanation but also a method. The why goes hand-in-hand with the how. You work through a series of steps that show you both the correct answer and the fastest and most accurate way of getting to it: two indispensable considerations for an outstanding score in the GMAT.


With XGMAT, you learn actively by doing. You kick-start your knowledge and your analytical skills by looking at questions from a variety of perspectives and acquiring a range of problem-solving approaches. Our GMAT course shows you our methods, and those methods then help you to learn. Our online classes empower both what you know and how you use it. The end result: you work through the GMAT exam using the most time-efficient, on-target solutions for the 700 + score that you need. 


Maximize your GMAT score by adopting the right approach. Let XGMAT help you toward success in your MBA or Masters admission-process.

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XGMAT provides top-level, interactive online GMAT prep. Its problem-based methodology, theory, and exercises are the work of experienced and committed instructors who know the GMAT and the needs of students aiming for a 700+ score.

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  • GMAT Expert Instructors
  • Intensive Practice
  • GMAT Problem-Based Learning
  • On-Target Strategies
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Full Exemplification
  • Flexible GMAT Course Structure
  • Multi-Angled Approach

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