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XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Flexible structure. Choose the order in which you want to study the different areas of the course. Return to them as often as you like. Move from lesson to lesson using your own criteria. It's just that simple!

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Rigid structure.
You must start at the beginning and stick to the course structure, studying as the program wants and not as you need. You can't go back, even if you want to. And you can't jump ahead, even if you already know all the material in the section you're doing. 

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Interactive content. The GMAT is about making decisions, making them in little time, and making them, wherever possible, on the basis of sound criteria. All the material in our GMAT preparation course gives you tasks to perform and decisions to make. First one step, then another, and then another. This approach activates the learning process!

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Static content. Most GMAT books and online courses offer pages and pages of rules and information to read before you can do an exercise. We're sure you've already come across this approach. Did you find it useful?

Those books and courses also set out examples of wrong answers for you to study. But why not give you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether something is right or wrong? Decision-making stimulates learning. It activates the memory and helps you to avoid that error in future. Using our approach, you first think about the problem and decide, and then see an explanation. This is much more effective GMAT preparation. 

Similarly, many online courses make you sit and listen to a recorded voice giving an explanation instead of involving you directly in the problem. In other words, the material in these books and platforms is methodologically limited and even unhelpful. It doesn't get you into the interactive process that makes scoring high in the GMAT easier, more stimulating, and surer.  

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Varied approaches. Practice all aspects of the GMAT test through a sequence of different activities: True or False – Two-choice Quizzes – Fact Quizzes – Pick the Wrong Sentence – Pick the Right Sentence – Frequently-asked Questions – Methodology Quizzes – Correct or Incorrect –  Explain the Mistake – Simpler GMAT-format Examples – 700-score GMAT-format Examples – and more. These varied approaches are there for you in every one of our lessons!

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Limited number of approaches. Many online courses offer nothing more than what could be found in a GMAT textbook: theory, a series of drills, and a list of GMAT-style questions. You pay hundreds of dollars for a course whose content could have been presented in print at only a fraction of the cost.

What's more, success in the GMAT doesn't depend on your doing an endless series of GMAT-format questions in the Quantitative or Verbal section. What's the good of that if you haven't got a grasp of the basics? For a high GMAT score, you need to work in many different ways, from simple to more complex, on the problems that you'll find on exam day. 

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Complete explanations.  Each of our exercises and activities has a complete and easy-to-understand explanation of why an answer is right or wrong. You need to know the reasons why certain things in the test have to be done or expressed or answered in a certain way.

And there's something else. Finding out about these things helps you to recognize them in other examples. So you choose more quickly and securely. Success in the GMAT depends on this.

We help you along in this direction by getting you to decide for yourself first, and then by explaining the problems in one context in one way, and in other contexts in other ways. Different angles on something change it from a problem into an opportunity!

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Insufficient explanations. Many books and online courses make a basic mistake. They suppose that once they have said that something is right or wrong, then that's it: you will just know it! They forget that the GMAT requires you to learn or relearn a lot of material - and this material just can't be assimilated through a simple 'that is right and that is wrong' procedure.

It's not enough, either, to give you a general rule and then leave you to apply it. How many times have you come across this ineffective approach?

GMAT problems are highly specific. So you need an explanation for the problem in front of you. But you also want a new version of that explanation when the problem appears in another form - as it habitually does.

GMAT questions require clear solutions, and wherever possible, these should be short. But explanations must also be thorough. They must be given not just once but as often as the problem may appear. Both problems and solutions have to be recycled and presented anew. This recycling approach allows you to grasp the subject thoroughly.

Unfortunately, in a lot of GMAT test preparation materials this procedure is often treated as secondary or needless. In fact, it is essential.

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: In-depth coverage: Any possibility that a type of question may appear in the GMAT means that your GMAT preparation course must prepare you for it.

This is the case even if the chances are low that this type of question may appear. The GMAT is unpredictable. The possibility of just one question on a particular subject is the possibility of a higher score! Or of a lower one, if your course has not prepared you properly.

Good GMAT preparation requires question-specific strategies, extensive practice, and clear explanations. This is what XGMAT provides. Our aim is to help you to develop understanding of the examination and proficiency in all the subjects it tests. This raises your confidence, and more confidence helps you toward a higher GMAT score.

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Insufficient coverage: Many GMAT online courses devote just a few standard exercises to a particular problem. This supposedly means that the subject has been covered, but it does not mean that you have understood it or mastered it.

Make the calculation: you will get only a certain number of questions on Data Sufficiency or Sentence Correction or Critical Reasoning. And you will get even fewer questions on the different areas within those categories. For instance, how many Assumption questions are likely to appear in your test? How many questions on Correlative Conjunctions? Very few. Perhaps even none. But every question counts in the GMAT, and for that reason every subject must be fully covered in your GMAT preparation. 

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Real methodologies. Different types of question require different approaches. Any methodology must arise from the nature of the problem to be resolved.  

We have been preparing students for the GMAT, both in person and online, for over 14 years. We have developed a series of rigorously-tested methods that will help you to resolve problems in accordance with the characteristics of particular questions.

We have worked on this in all sections of the GMAT: Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension,  Data Sufficency,  Problem Solving … In Critical Reasoning, for example, an Assumption question requires an approach very different from the one required by an Evaluation question or a Boldface Portion question.

XGMAT has the required approaches and gives you intensive practice in them all. And our 200% money-back guarantee is your assurance that each of these methods is what solving problems in the GMAT test is all about.

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Unhelpful strategies: All too often, GMAT books and online courses lack real strategies and serious methodologies.

When you read a piece of advice like ‘Take notes on the main points in the passage’, you are being told to do something that could be useful - but wouldn't common sense suggest it anyway? This is just a procedure, and while it may be helpful for some, it won't be helpful for others. It's not a problem-solving strategy. But real strategies and methods are what you need!

It sounds like a joke, but there are actually GMAT courses that say 'Eliminate incorrect answer-choices'. This is just not good enough. You need tools to help you to resolve problems, and these tools must be specific to the characteristics of the question. They must be clearly explained. They must be practiced not just once but many times.

Nobody learns to play a musical instrument without a method, and GMAT preparation is not a very different case. Unfortunately, a lot of the material that is around online and in books doesn't go to the trouble of formulating approaches to the many distinct areas that the GMAT covers.

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Relevant academic language. The GMAT uses an American version of Standard Written English – in other words, it requires you to know the norms of formal academic writing as they are applied in the United States. It also requires you to use those norms to write an essay in the Analytical Writing section of the test.

The kind of language that you'll find in the test and will have to try to use in Analytical Writing is quite different from the language used in the street, or in films, or in talk-shows. To get used to how it works, you need maximum exposure to it. The greater the exposure, the more familiar you'll become with it.

So it just makes sense for this kind of language to be the sort you'll find in a GMAT book or online course. All our thousands of examples,  activities,  and exercises use this kind of language and are derived from the areas that the GMAT exploits: sociology, economics and business, the humanities, and science. And all our explanations are given in absolutely clear and comprehensible Standard Written English.

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Irrelevant colloquial language. Practicing for the GMAT with sentences that could be found
in an English course for Lower-Intermediate students is not very useful. Nor is it helpful on the part of those who write some GMAT courses to offer GMAT preparation in that form.

As a GMAT candidate, you need resources written in the style of the exam that you are going to have to face. You need to do your GMAT preparation with material drawn from the subjects that the GMAT itself draws from.

So, ‘John left sooner than Peter’ and  ‘Neither the boys not their sister likes oranges’ may well exemplify certain grammatical points. But they do not get you used to the kind of language that the GMAT will require you to read, understand, and even write. There is no point in working at a level of language far below the one that you will find on your test day!

Similarly, it may sound up-beat and trendy to introduce an explanation with the instruction ‘Can it’  or to answer a question with the word 'Nope'. This would be fine if you were preparing for a test on the kind of English used in the street. However, the GMAT is not interested in this kind of language and doesn't require you to know anything about it!

Studying explanations that use language at this level doesn't help you to get into GMAT mode. But the GMAT mode is exactly the one that you need in order to feel as confident as possible in the real test.

And there's another problem. Colloquial language of this kind uses many forms and terms that are not accepted in the GMAT. It's just not in your interest to study what is right and wrong in language that the examination itself would consider incorrect. In our view, avoiding this and using the sort of English that you will find on your test day is simply common sense. After all, who would prepare for a test on 'haute cuisine' by learning to fry potato chips?

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Natural, correct English. All our materials have been developed by native speakers of English proficient in the requirements and characteristics of the GMAT – and it shows.

We know what the test demands of you and we provide you with a sound basis for applying it when your examination day comes round. You can trust us in this regard, too. The English that we use in the XGMAT online course and classes, and everything that we tell you about it, corresponds to what the GMAT is going to require you to recognize and to use - in other words, concise, grammatically-correct, idiomatically-natural academic English.

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Atypical English. Some books and online courses have indications that their material has been developed by non-native speakers or by people not really accustomed to the demands and the style of the GMAT, or by both.

This deficiency means that certain forms of expression that the GMAT does not accept are presented for you to learn and use in the test. It even means that outright errors creep into the teaching material.

Let's take Sentence Correction as an example. One well-known GMAT book includes the following clause in what it says is the correct answer in a Sentence Correction question: 'Three times as many peregrine falcon nests than it did in 1970'. This clause is incorrect even by colloquial standards.

Another source affirms that AS cannot be used to make comparisions. This is a completely misleading piece of information.

Yet another source, an online GMAT course in fact, states that Sentence Correction questions contain no more than three errors. A look at the examples in
The Official Guide for GMAT Review shows that this statement is false.

Elsewhere, you will read such pieces of misinformation as that the GMAT tests only four of the tenses in English.

GMAT, on the other hand, does not make mistakes of this kind and offers you its guarantee that it will not make mistakes of this kind.

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Authentic material. We have been teaching the GMAT for long enough to be able to develop materials sufficiently varied and sufficiently empowering for you to use for high-score-oriented GMAT preparation.

Our point of reference is of course The Official Guide for GMAT Review, as this is the 'gold standard' of GMAT preparation. Nevertheless, our examples and explanations are not derived from it.

We have studied successive editions of The Official Guide in depth in order to know the types of problem that it presents you with. We have figured out ways of resolving those problems effectively. Then we have got to work and produced our own material on all the subjects tested in the GMAT.

The result is a clear, challenging, complete, and methodologically-varied course that you can use with confidence to outsmart the GMAT and its requirements.

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Unoriginal material. The material in some GMAT courses is just a thinly-disguised reworking of examples in The Official Guide. In some cases, questions that are identical with those official examples appear in books and on online platforms.

In other cases, explanations lifted directly from web pages on grammar or mathematics are pasted into courses as part of the material that students pay to use. This is unprofessional and dishonest.

A book or online GMAT preparation course should offer its own material, its own methods, and its own explanations. You can rely on X
to do these three things from the beginning to the end of the course.

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: Challenging material. The GMAT is an unforgiving exam. It does not give away any marks. To prepare for it, you need material that aims high.

There is absolutely no point in studying at a level below that of the most difficult questions that the GMAT will present you with - questions that are an inevitable part of reaching a score of 700 or above.

Nevertheless, you have to go about this in the right way. Your GMAT preparation must be done on an upward slope - beginning from easier and progressing to more difficult and then to very difficult. That is the way we have structured our material, exercise by exercise and chapter by chapter.

All along, you choose, analyse, read, and understand. Then you go on to a related but more complicated activity, and finally to our 700-Score GMAT-format questions. These questions in XGMAT are as hard as the hardest questions that could appear in your test. You can trust XGMAT to know what is required for the 700+ score that you need.

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Excessively easy material. One of the most common complaints of students who have done some of the existing online GMAT courses is that the level is too low.

All too often, we have heard of students who have entrusted their preparation to this or that GMAT preparation course and then have had an unpleasant surprise on exam day. The level of the questions in the real GMAT was significantly higher than the level of the questions in the material they had been studying from. This will not happen with the activities, exercises, problems, and explanations in

XGMAT ONLINE COURSE: A handcrafted course. The authors of XGMAT are not just test-writers. As instructors, we have been actively involved with GMAT students for over 14 years, both in person and online.

Your XGMAT interactive GMAT preparation course is the outcome of that experience. It brings together what we have learned about the needs of students, the demands of the exam, and the approaches required to meet those demands.

XGMAT is the result of more than 4 years of intensive work and collaboration among professionals committed to maintaining the high standards of originality and rigor that we set ourselves at the outset.

The creators of the course are also the people who have devised this website and who will be attending to everything required by the platform, the content of XGMAT itself, its administration, and - most importantly - the needs of the students doing the course.

OTHER GMAT COURSES: Franchises and conglomerates. You may be surprised to know that quite a few of the GMAT courses available online are in fact one and the same course - but with a different packaging. Somebody gets a course together, markets it, and then offers it under a franchise to a distributor.

This practice means that there is little or no interaction between those who have made the course and those who are doing it. It also means that from the points of view of methodology and content, much of what is on offer in one place or under one name is identical with what is on offer in another place and under another name. So who are you really dealing with?

And here's another surprising fact. Some of the best-known and largest companies in the area of GMAT preparation are in fact a single firm. What has happened is that one of these companies has been purchased by the other, but continues to sell its material as though the two were separate and rivals.

This lessens the incentive to continue to improve.
And the size of these companies means that those who develop their material - churning it out not just for the GMAT, but also for the GRE, the LSAT, and the SAT - are not directly involved with the students who use it.

So what happens when there's not much incentive to improve? Let's look at a single example. One of the books produced by this conglomerate - a book claiming to prepare students at a high level - deals with Critical Reasoning in just a few pages of theory before going straight on to some 50 or so GMAT-format C.R. questions - and that's it!

But the story goes from bad to worse. What's Critical Reasoning, in this book? Weakening, Strengthening, Assumptions, and Inferences. Nothing else! None of the other types of C.R. questions are covered! How are you supposed to prepare for the GMAT with material of this kind?

XGMAT, there are no franchises. The online GMAT preparation course that we offer you is the work of an independent company. The material that you will study and practice with in our course is not going to appear elsewhere under another name. You will be dealing with us and with nobody else. This is an essential part of our commitment to the highest standards of professional and academic achievement in general, and to your progress toward a high score in the GMAT.

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XGMAT provides top-level, interactive online GMAT prep. Its problem-based methodology, theory, and exercises are the work of experienced and committed instructors who know the GMAT and the needs of students aiming for a 700+ score.

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