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XGMAT’s interactive online prep lessons, activities, and classes are structured with two main objectives: to take you through all areas of the GMAT, but also to allow you to choose your own way.

If you need to do Quantitative and Verbal on alternate days, you can. If you want to go back over Correlative Conjunctions in Verbal and then jump to Parallel Structure because you think they are related (which they are), you can. If you want to go directly from Inference Questions in Critical Reasoning to Inference Questions in Reading Comprehension, our flexible program will make that easy to do.

You can follow our prep course exactly as we have structured it, or completely reorganise the chapters and subjects as you may need, or go part of the way with us and the rest along your own lines.

Our only recommendation is that, however you do the course, you should do something every day. Staying in practice means progress toward your GMAT and MBA goals!


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XGMAT provides top-level, interactive online GMAT prep. Its problem-based methodology, theory, and exercises are the work of experienced and committed instructors who know the GMAT and the needs of students aiming for a 700+ score.

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  • GMAT Expert Instructors
  • Intensive Practice
  • GMAT Problem-Based Learning
  • On-Target Strategies
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Full Exemplification
  • Flexible GMAT Course Structure
  • Multi-Angled Approach

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