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All online GMAT courses claim to be interactive – but how interactive do you find reading masses of theory before doing anything with it? Are you interacting when you sit listening to recorded explanations? 


XGMAT makes interactivity real. Our online GMAT preparation software takes you directly into integrative, problem-based learning. This is because active learning is more effective learning.


At XGMAT, you are the decision-maker. You find out for yourself by choosing, by solving problems. This is the way it is from the beginning to the end of the course. This is the way people learn best, no matter in what area. Passively sitting in front of long chapters of theory and rules and trying to remember them is of no use to anyone. And after all, making choices is what the whole GMAT is about!


You start your GMAT preparation at XGMAT by doing a set of questions with two possible solutions. Once you have made your choice, the explanation follows. You can do the exercise again if you want to - or if you're satisfied, you can go on to the next activity. But you don't have to read ten pages of theory before you can actually do anything. 


This is the procedure in all the XGMAT exercises, activities, quizzes, and GMAT-format questions - from the simplest to the most complicated. You think, choose, and then learn about your choice. Practice first, theory afterwards, and then more practice. GMAT preparation in the form of sustained, interactive practice. Theory in small, digestible chunks, and then decisions about how to use it.


Why have we done it in this way? Because this is the most effective kind of GMAT preparation - the kind that books can't provide and that most online GMAT courses don't deliver! We want you to use the information and abilities you already have in order to make decisions. Our online program will detect whether a decision was right or wrong, and will then offer you a hint about how to proceed. In this way, you build on both your mistakes and your right answers, strengthen your error-detection skills, and improve your understanding of how the GMAT works. 


So use problem-solving and error-recognition to reinforce and develop your existing knowledge online, power ahead to a higher GMAT score, and set yourself up for admission to the MBA or Master's of your choice.


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XGMAT provides top-level, interactive online GMAT prep. Its problem-based methodology, theory, and exercises are the work of experienced and committed instructors who know the GMAT and the needs of students aiming for a 700+ score.

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  • GMAT Expert Instructors
  • Intensive Practice
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  • Full Exemplification
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  • Multi-Angled Approach

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