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Did you know that almost everywhere in the world, scores in GMAT Verbal are substantially lower than they are in Quantitative?

This means that Verbal scores are detracting from the good work students have done previously in Quantitative - as well as dragging down their total GMAT score!

For example, you may be good at mathematics and get a 48 or 49 in that section. But in order to achieve a 700+ score, you still have to get at least a 41 or 42 in Verbal. A Total Scaled Score of 700+ depends on this!

In our more than 14 years of teaching both in person and online, we have found that for more than TWO THIRDS of students, Sentence Correction is the biggest obstacle in the Verbal Section. It requires knowledge of English, long hours of study, and the memorization of far more than is required for Reading Comprehension or Critical Reasoning. It demands that you recognize the difference between a logical and an illogical sentence. It asks you to follow the norms of academic writing - and these are probably not the norms of the English you are used to speaking! 

Are you one of the GMAT candidates who has been having trouble with Sentence Correction? Have you found that it's holding you back from that high score you need? Do you feel that it's an obstacle to your admission to the business school or university of your choice?

XGMAT offers you a real solution to the problem of GMAT Sentence Correction - as well as a convincing alternative to the numerous online preparation courses existing online and in print. If you haven't already found out how we do it, go to our 3-Day Quick Trial and see for yourself. And if you've done the Quick Trial, you now have the opportunity to get hold of the whole of Sentence Correction. Take advantage of our Special Offer for Sentence Correction - while it lasts!

Special features of XGMAT Sentence Correction


  • 10 subject-areas: logical division of Sentence Correction into subjects:
  • Parallel Structure
  • Correlative Conjunctions, and Some Idioms
  • Agreement: Noun-Noun, Pronoun-Noun, and Subject-Verb
  • Illogical Syntax, Grammar, and Diction
  • Comparisons
  • Idioms and Unidiomatic Usage
  • The Use of Tenses
  • As and Like
  • Conditional Sentences
  • The Subjunctive and Related Idiomatic Forms
  • Sentence Correction Diagnostic Test
  • 5 Sentence Correction Mini-Tests
  • 6 Sentence Correction Practice Tests: at the end of the course, tests consisting of 16 Sentence Correction questions - the maximum number you will get in your GMAT.


  • Comprehensive treatment: every aspect of Sentence Correction given detailed coverage
  • Full exemplification: thousands of example-sentences to illustrate rules and exceptions
  • Ample practice opportunities: hundreds of questions for you to resolve
  • Complete explanations: each S.C-format question followed by an analysis of all problems involved, major and minor
  • GMAT-style language: all exercises, activities, examples, and explanations written in clear academic English
  • FAQs: each lesson with its relevant frequently-asked questions answered in full
  • Complete summaries: every lesson with a final resumé including new example-sentences
  • Supplementary material: additional idioms, common redundancies, diction dilemmas, problematic terms and forms, relative pronouns, common errors, and more
  • Intensive workout: every lesson rounded out by a series of high-level Sentence Correction-format questions
  • Official Guide classification: all S.C. questions in The Official Guide for GMAT Review categorized into our 10 subject-areas


  • Problem-based learning: knowledge and skills activated through decision-making
  • Integrative approach: all problems dealt with from numerous angles throughout the course
  • Coherent methodology: problems solved through the quickest and surest route to the right answer
  • Progressive upward trend: all lessons structured from simpler to more complex activities
  • Tactical diversity: wide variety of exercise-types to ensure thorough understanding
  • Assimilable sections: all grammatical, idiomatic, and syntactical norms given in small chunks followed by related exercises
  • Subject ranking: each lesson classified as High, Medium, or Low Priority
  • Theory ranking: all theoretical material labeled High, Medium, or Low Priority
  • End-of lesson score: a percentage result shown at the end of each lesson


  • Intuitive feedback: responses and clues given in accordance with your answers
  • Responsive glossary: grammatical definitions provided by clicking on the term
  • On-site dictionary: double-click access to all vocabulary  
  • Easy navigability: forward, back, skipping sections, repeating others, just as you choose
  • Lateral menu: the entire lesson at a glance

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XGMAT provides top-level, interactive online GMAT prep. Its problem-based methodology, theory, and exercises are the work of experienced and committed instructors who know the GMAT and the needs of students aiming for a 700+ score.

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